foosballMost game nights at our house begin and end with foosball. Granted only four people can play at once, but when we play, winners stay at the table and play the next two people who want to play. Unless of course one team keeps winning and winning and winning, then we have to split up teams, or change who’s playing offense and who’s playing defensive. We only play singles once in a while.

I know that initial cost of a foosball table seems high, but you’ll get years of fun from it and never get bored. People of any age can play, as long as they’re tall enough to see. Our table was originally a gift and we’ve had to replace some of the guys that broke, but we’ve been playing at least once a week for like six years now. It’ s not the one pictured. Ours is cheaper and now the guys are mismatched, but keep an eye out. You may find one on sale.


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