WallyIf you read my review of Wally the Walking Fish Meets Madison and Copper by Gary Lamit the other day, you’ll know that I mentioned it was sometimes confusing to know immediately who was speaking. It was a drawback in a book that was perfect to be read aloud to younger children. I’m one of those goofy adults who changes her voice a little with the different characters, and it’s tough to do if you don’t immediately know which character you’re supposed to be. Anyway, following my review, I received a comment and e-mail from the author. I’m sharing the e-mail with his permission.

Hello Carol,
I took your and another reviewer’s criticism to heart and reworked the book to have an identifier before all lines of dialog.
Since the book is self-published through BookSurge I have the luxury of quickily adding these to the book.
All printed copies will immediately be printed with the update since they are print on demand and there is no back inventory.
Thank you for your honest input.
If you have the time and feel that the changes improve the book please consider redoing your review.
He also sent me a couple of the new proof pages, which look good. I think the minor change definitely made it better, easier for kids to read on their own and for parents who are reading aloud. Thanks for listening, Gary. I feel like future readers will enjoy the book more.

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