granddamesofsmallworldI just saw this over on Boardgame News and had to share. Small World is currently one of my favorite games and it looks like we have some expansions to look forward to. See what Days of Wonder has to say here.

Three small expansions that will debut at Spiel 09 in October and appear in game stores shortly afterward. Thank the goddess for some new female races in the Grand Dames of Small World. Priestesses, White Ladies and Gypsies will be staking their claims. The Cused! mini-expansion will  have new powers, including Cursed, Hordes of…, Marauding, Ransacking smallworldcursedand Were-, and a couple of new races. The third, Leaders of Small World, is a special non-race, non-special power game play option that will only be distributed through BoardGameGeek.

Tales & Legends of Small World, the fourth expansion, will apparently be released in 2010.

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