ShapeshifterShapeshifter : The Demo Tapes — Year 1 by Susan Helene Gottfried

This is a collection of short pieces that were originally published at the author’s blog between April 2006 and March 2007. I didn’t start reading the West of Mars – Meet and Greet until early this year, but have come to adore Trevor and his band Shapeshifter. I was delighted to read this book, because I missed all of these the first time around.

As a teenager, and even now to be honest, I was a fan of  the big hair, hard rock bands. This was like peeking into their world, seeing all the fun and disasters that happen behind the scenes. Even though ShapeShifter is fictional, these glimpses into the characters’ lives are funny and occasionally touching.  I fell in love with Trevor, Mitchell, Kerri and the rest. I have to admit to having a few favorite bits, like Green Hair Week, simply because I was at a loss the first summer my daughter’s hair turned green, and Hearts, because it was so romantic.

As the blurb on the back says, “this is a must-have volume for anyone who’s ever wanted to hang with a rock band.” It’s just a blast. I’m looking forward to reading the second year and, when it’s published, Trevor’s Song. In the meantime, you’ll find me stopping by the blog every few days to see what’s going on with my favorite fictional band.

To purchase the paperback, get in touch with Susan through her website, West of Mars. For an ebook version, visit Smashwords.

My copy was provided by the author for review and the above is my honest opinion. I am an Amazon Associate.


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