I’m a big fan of reading aloud. David or I have read aloud to Amber  almost every day since she was born- that’s ten years of books and stories, poems and even a play or two, classics, graphic novels, you name it.

Today is World Read Aloud Day, sponsored by LitWorld, “to celebrate and encourage the invaluable practice of reading aloud and to bring attention to the importance of literacy
across all countries and for all of humanity. Reading aloud brings us together—brings meaning, enhanced understanding, and shared experience to our words and our stories.” I wish I had known about it earlier, but make the time to read aloud to someone today, child or adult. And if it’s not today, do it tomorrow, or the next day. Reading and sharing the love of books and words is just so important.

We all love a story.

As for me, I’ll be reading aloud from Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. We’re on Chapter 2.


  • That is pretty cool. I would read when I was pregnant with my baby. Who is now 16 and loves loves loves to read. How can you say no to a child who wants to read! It amazes me the amount of kids today that do not like reading. It saddens my heart to think of what they are missing… a whole new world to discover!
    Thanks for the heads up!
    Warm wishes! Cecile

  • I read aloud to my nephews recently and they were so rapt and mesmerized with the book and hearing the story that I kept them attentive and quiet for nearly an hour. My sister-in-law was amazed but I wasn’t after hearing her read aloud to the kids. She was so reluctant and her reading was just a flat boring recital of the words, I can see why her sons don’t ask to be read to. Read aloud, but be excited about it! If you aren’t, they won’t be!

  • Carol

    One of my daughter’s first words was Re (read) right up there with dada! I’m proud to say she is still reading up a storm.

  • I absolutely love reading aloud! In fact, I’m sad we don’t have any little ones in our family that I can plop down and force to listen to me reading picturing books, haha. 🙂 I guess the next chance I’ll get is with my own kids. Can’t wait!

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