Duck! Duck! Safari!

  • Designer: Kevin G Nunn
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Primate Entertainment
  • Year: 2009
  • Players: 2 – 5
  • Time: Varies
  • Ages: 6 and up

Duck! Duck! Safari! takes rubber ducky gaming into the tropics. Inside this bulging box of fun you will find the famous jungle explorer Ducktor Livingstone, five safari animal duckies and all the pieces for FIVE original and exciting games. Presume an evening of fun. These five games are carefully selected to range in complexity, duration and number of players so safari expeditions of all ages and sizes will find something wild to explore!

This is a heck of a cute game, but don’t let the rubber duckies full you, it’s a family game that’s good for older kids and parents, too. There are rules for five games in the box, the suggested age range for the easiest is 6+, while the most difficult suggests ages 10+.

At Origins, David, Amber (10) and I played Savannah (ages 8+, 15-20 minutes). In this game, the animals spread out across the Savannah, forming rows of animal cards with things in common or rows with animal cards that are all different. Players earn points laying out and then picking up the cards, with the rubber duckies keeping track of points on the gameboard. It was actually a lot of fun and tougher than it sounds.

The other games include one that is rummy-style, one that seems like a memory based game, a Safari Sprint and one called Hi-Lo Hijinks. There’s an additional one, Deducktion, available on the APE Games website.

This is a fun group of games and I particularly enjoyed the novelty of having rubber duckies as games pieces. That’s actually what drew my attention in the first place. It’s cute.


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