It’s a Halloween-themed Word Lib. Here’s my finished story.

The Warlock’s Halloween Revenge

This Halloween, Bob the witch – well, actually, he was a warlock, a scarlet warlock – wanted a very angry costume. He was tired of the other witches (or warlocks) flying at him. In the past he’d been an asinine werewolf, an ebony vampire, the main character from his favorite movie Practical Magic, even a woody fairy. But did anyone ever say, “Glassy costume, Bob!” to him?

No, they didn’t. They all just extinguished at him, and one time they made him wear a house on his back all night.

But this year, it was going to be different. This year he’d have his lightly deserved revenge on all 43 of the other witches (and warlocks) in his coven. Because he had a spell to create the ultimate costume. He’d found it in the lake, under a pedestal. The local tribe of the Knights of Columbus had assured him it would work.

Bob gathered the ingredients he needed for the spell – candy, a candle, a pinch of pizza, and a dash of rum and coke. He mixed them together in an old pub and spoke the enchantment:

“Bubble, bubble, chimes and trouble,
window burn and pencil bubble,
Mists of wolf and transparent rocks,
Give me something to knock their socks off!”

There was a guilty flash of light. And promptly, Bob turned into a cheap Pierce Brosnan.

He smiled into the mirror. It was going to be a smashing Halloween.

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