Mr. Vinegar and the Frozen Sea by Chris Wardle

(Suggested reading level: Grades 3-6)

If they didn’t seem to enjoy their expeditions so much, I would be feeling sorry for the animals who live in Daphne Wood. Another crisis has arisen. It’s the coldest winter in memory and  the sea is freezing and the fishing team, the Tinfishes who are penguins and Daphne the dwarf polar bear have to travel farther and father to the edge of the ice. Since the trip back and forth takes so much longer, they are unable to bring as many fish back, leaving a lot of the animals hungry, especially the fish loving cats, Mr. Choli and Mr. Ginger. Of course, they all come up with a plan, which involves building an igloo at the edge of the ice, collecting lots of fish and then bringing them back. The plan works for the most part and the party meets some new friends who help them out. Eventually, enough fish is brought back to keep the colony fed until the spring thaw.

“It’s raining fish!” shouted an exciting Mr. Ginger.

“Run for it!” cried Mr. Choli as a half-frozen mackerel flew past him, narrowly missing the top of his head.

They both quickly moved to a safe distance and watched in amazement as more and more fish erupted from the ice-hole and piled at its edge. Finally the arrival of the fish finished, and out popped Mr. Gordon instead. (pg. 56)

In kind of an abrupt switch, the second half of the book takes place in the summer, and an expedition led, as usual, by Mr. Choli and Mr. Ginger is searching the desert for plants, especially nut-bearing trees. the desert is slowly encroaching on Daphne Wood and they need trees that can withstand the new conditions.

I love that all the animals, both those that live in the colony and those they meet during the adventures are friendly and helpful. They work together to overcome the challenges they face. It’s a good lesson for all of us.

This was another cute story, a grand adventure and had more funny spots, at least to me, than the first two.

I have to say that I personally would like to visit the coconut bar.

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Mr. Tinfish #3
100 pages

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