I’m not one who gets stressed out very often. My job is pretty relaxed; my family is healthy and happy; my husband’s employed and we are better off then we ever have been; we make time to play games every week, and hang out with friends and family; no catastrophes have occurred lately, or ever for that matter.

The Booking through Thursday question today is about resolutions and I noticed as I was reading people’s responses, that several mentioned the stress they feel in connection with their blogs or keeping up with reviews. My blog and reading in general is not something I stress out about. If anything, books are an escape from daily life and my blog is just fun. I get to write about whatever I want, whether it be what I’m reading, what movies I’ve seen, whatever. Sometimes people read my posts, sometimes they don’t, but that’s not why I do it really. I enjoy it. Yes, I get some review copies of books, but that just adds to the pleasure. I have to admit that I still get a kick out of having a book before it’s published.

Stress for me usually involves people, not necessarily what they do or say, but their mere presence. I’m a true introvert. If I’m around people too much, even if it’s people I love, I need a break. I feel tense and drained and I start grouching, a lot, and probably end up with a headache. But I know that about myself, and I do think I’m getting better at handling groups of people as I get older.

What stresses you out?


  • Jennifer Lavender

    You sound a lot like me. Blogging is a form of stress relief, not the cause of my stress. I’m also a bit of an introvert. I do OK in crowds where I can blend in and sort of disappear, but I am not comfortable in situations where I feel forced to actually interact with people. I’m much happier on my own.

  • My job tends to stress me out and I’ve been letting reviewing stress me out, too. I shouldn’t. Reading is supposed to be my escape and that’s my goal for 2011 – to not stress out over reviews.

  • I can see how blogging and keeping up with reviews can be stressful – but those are the very activities I turn to escape the stress of other things. I think that’s called procrastinating 🙂

  • stacybuckeye

    Well, having a newborn is wonderful and yet the lack of personal time is stressful. I wish we lived closer to family so if I wanted to go shopping or to the library or even just stay home for an hour and read I could let Gage have play time with cousins, aunts, and grandparents. Then I’d be less stressed 🙂

  • I’m like that also, especially with people. I need to break away from constant interaction with people and survive pretty well on my own. Folks always ask how I do it, but it’s just me. It’s what makes me click. I do love being around people, though, but not all the time.

  • I used to stress about my blog some when I was committed to posting daily, but now not usually. I normally don’t get very stressed about anything except when I’m behind schedule and there is a possibility that I might be late for something–I like to be early or at least on time.

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