Last weekend, the guys played Axis and Allies, so instead of playing I sat on the couch and read. I don’t play A & A. I don’t enjoy the game and they never seem to play all the way to the end which would just annoy me. And it takes forever. We had been talking about playing Race for the Galaxy with takeovers, but then Amber ended up going to Texas for the weekend, which meant it was perfect for a looong game instead.

We play Race for the Galaxy a lot, with all the expansions including the latest, The Brink Of War. I enjoy the game. It’s a card-based game where you basically build a galactic civilization using game cards that are worlds or social advances or technological developments. The third expansion started takeovers. You could conquer other players military planets with your military. We tried it like twice, and that’s it. It was confusing and kind of boring for the non-military players. Since then, we’ve been happy building with little interaction between civilizations. I mean, you keep an eye on them, see what they’re doing and how that may or may not affect you, but we don’t do takeovers.

Brink of War adds prestige, which we’ve been using to some degree, but it hasn’t become “all-important, both to extract concessions and to fend off attackers” Rio Grande promises. Maybe it’s time to try takeovers again.

Do you play Race? What do you think of takeovers? Any advice?

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