I don’t think the dog is thrilled with the kitchen project. So far, David’s taken all the white tile off and scraped off the gluey cement stuff, which was an incredibly noisy process involving a coal shovel, and gotten down to the old linoleum that he’s just going to put the new padding and floor over. To the dog, itΒ  means he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen for a couple hours on Sunday and again Tuesday, even though David was in there and the treat cabinet’s there. And it was too noisy when they were scraping off the junk. We moved his food and water dishes, the fridge is blocking all the light coming in the dining room window and the big islandy thingy is right in front of the living room window, the window he always looks out of. Yeah, he can’t be real happy. And of course he doesn’t realize that we’re doing it a lot for him. The tile floor we had before was just too slippery, he had gotten the point where he was afraid to go in the kitchen unless we had throw rugs all the way across it. And I get a new pretty laminate floor. And David’s insisting we paint before we put down the new floor, so I get to pick colors. I’m leaning toward yellow walls, white upper cabinets and navy blue lower ones, but we’ll see.

What spring projects do you have on your list?


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