Here’s a quick quote from the book nearest to me, random page, third paragraph, second sentence. It’s not a book I’m actually reading right now, it’s in a stack that I’m going to be mailing out this afternoon for Paperbackswap.

“Ante up, ladies. Elfkynan siasters are worth twelve to the Imperial sovereign or four colonial mints, nickel-silver, that is, for you shady types that have a pocket full of copper.” (pg. 331, A Darkness Forged in Fire by Chris Evans)

Just a little tidbit that doesn’t reveal much about the book itself. Based on that piece, I picture a group of maybe five men gathered around a table; one, the speaker, dealing out cards. Obviously, from the coins mentioned it takes place in a different world than ours, but I still picture a version of an Old West saloon. The place is kind of dirty, the men not exactly law-abiding citizens. They’re not dressed in clean white shirts, or crisp suits. They’re dusty, rugged. Maybe there’s a woman in the corner, being careful not to draw attention to herself, even though she is of course beautiful. I picture her paying attention to the game without seeming to, waiting to learn who will be the big winner that night, maybe planning how to get some of the money for herself.

What do you picture when you read it?


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