According to the American Red Cross, a pint of blood can save up to three lives. I didn’t need to know the statistics to know that donating blood is a good thing, a way to help others that really, in all truthfulness doesn’t take much time, energy, or money.

So why had I never donated blood before? I’m a wuss and a scaredy-cat. Every year our VBS supports a charity and this year it was the Red Cross. The kids brought in donations, heard about all the work the Red Cross does, from blood donations to disaster relief, and encouraged to tell their parents about a blood drive that was held at our church on Thursday of that week. So, I was already going to be there, Amber would get a prize, I figured I should do it. I do have to thank two wonderful women at our church who told me what to expect, and really gave me the kick in the pants I needed.

So, I donated my pint of blood and it was easy, a little boring laying on the table, but overall a good experience. And it does matter, so I’ll be signing up again in a couple of months.


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