The other day, the topic at The Daily Post was tattoos.


That’s my tattoo. I got it done, oh, probably 13 years ago. One of the best decisions I’ve made. It just truly makes me happy, makes me smile. Few people see it aside from my husband, but that’s not the point. I don’t know if I can even explain why I love it, it’s essentially a meaningless design in an unoriginal spot. I guess maybe it has something with the permanence of it. Okay, and I think tattoos are sexy.

That’s David’s. Yes, he’s my sunshine. I know – cheesy, but true nonetheless.

I would love to get another tattoo. This time I think I would pick something with more meaning for me, no names or dates or coordinates, but maybe the first few bars of Ode to Joy or a quote from a book I love. Or a nice big semicolon on my inner forearm.


  • Thats good you still like your tattoo Carol. I like them in moderation. I do have a small one on my inner ankle, and it does have a special meaning for me. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting another one, and even visited the tattoo parlor, but I’m waiting for the right time.

  • Stephanie D.

    I think tattoos are sexy as well. The permanence of it makes me shy from ever getting one though. That and I’m chicken too 🙂

  • I have two tattoos. I had the Aerosmith logo, sans name, tattooed on my right ankle when I was 22. I had an image, in profile, of a baby kissing a cat, on the outside of my left calf for my first mother’s day. I took a profile image of my son, Gabe, so he could draw the baby to look more like him. Eventually, I will have my sons’ names added to it. I’m planning on getting another one soon, I hope. I want to get the image of a book containing a favorite quote. I’m thinking of a quote by John Adams pertaining to books, but I haven’t decided yet. I will probably get this one on the inside of my left forearm, but not absolutely sure yet. I would also like to someday get a small one on the back of my neck. I have long hair so it would only show when my hair is up, but like you said, they don’t have to show to be pleasing to us. 🙂 I like yours and David’s, by the way.

  • Love your tattoo! I like them in moderation. I’m not find of those that have moat of their bodies done. I’d love to get one – just haven’t yet. Something small on my ankle moat likely.

    • Usually, I agree with the in moderation, but sometimes usually on tv and not real life, I’ll see somehow who’s just covered with tattoos, but it fits them you know.

  • I love your tattoo! I have one on my right shoulder and have been thinking of getting another one too. I think a person should choose what they want and then wait a year before they get it. Since it’s so permanent, that way they should know after a year if it’s something they’ll want forever. I’ve been thinking of going a little more daring for the next one and get something on the inside of my forearm. That’s pretty visible, though…

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