Her Chosen

392 words

“Ingrid, leave,” she commanded imperiously, not wanting to hear any more of the fairy’s prattling.  As the girl flitted away, Aura sat, enjoying the deep quiet of the forest at night, broken only by the occasional hoot of an owl. She settled her skirts around here, their beautiful pink silk contrasting nicely with the grass and trees surround her, and waited.

Just after daybreak she heard the sounds she had been waiting for, the footsteps of humans, hunters. Whispering a warning to the deer and the foxes to head deeper into the woods, she began to sing a soft song, a melody she allowed only one of the men to hear, the handsome one she had seen yesterday, with the dark hair and blue eyes. He was the one she had chosen.

Erik heard a faint sweet tune, but none of his companions seemed to hear it, too intent perhaps on listening for the crack of a twig that would signal a nearby elk or fox. He motioned to the fellow, gesturing in the direction he was heading. The notes were calling him.

In a small opening in the trees, a little circle where the light from the rising sun was allowed to shine through, he saw her, the loveliest woman he had ever seen. Her song faded away as she looked up at him. “Hello,” she said as if she had expected him. For a moment, Erik was leery, a story from long ago tickling in the back of his mind, but her gentle eyes reassured him. She held out her delicate hand, allowing him to help her rise. “Come.” He followed her without questioning, enchanted by her beauty and gracefulness.

The following morning the villagers were relieved to see Erik walking into the clearing. His friends had been searching and calling all night to no avail and they feared he had met a tragic accident. Thankfully, he was alive, although his night alone had left him in a sour mood.

Erik had begged to be allowed to stay, but Aura had told him it was impossible. He did not tell the others about her; they would not have believed him in any case. Maybe she would come to him again and he could convince her to stay with him, here, if he couldn’t live with her in her white city.


Dottie at Tink’s Place has a Monday Morning Flash Fiction challenge that I’m enjoying. Each Monday a new picture prompt will be posted and if you choose to participate you post your story on Friday – 350 words, give or take.


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