The Top Ten Tuesday topic for yesterday was Top Ten Books You Would Save If Disaster Struck. It got me thinking. It’s not about your favorite books or the books you love to read. It’s about which books you own that are irreplaceable. I was looking around my house last night thinking about which books I would save and came up with this list. Most of them are gifts I’ve received over the years.

  1. A Broadman Hymnal from 1940 – It was a gift and I do love hymns.
  2. Good Bones and Simple Murders by Margaret Atwood – It’s a great collection, has a signed bookplate, and was a gift from my parents.
  3. The Gammage Cup by Carol Kendall – First, it’s an awesome story about staying true to yourself. Second, it was  a gift from my favorite teacher of all time.
  4. The Baker Street Dozen edited by P. J. Doyle and E. W. McDiarmid  – I think this was my first Sherlock Holmes Collection. I can remember taking it when I went fishing with my dad and brother.
  5. Road Dogs by Elmore Leonard – It’s signed, a gift from my mom, and I haven’t read it yet.
  6. Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor- It was a birthday gift from my daughter several years ago.
  7. Life Of Pi by Yann Martel – It was a gift from my brother and I think he might kill me if I don’t read it eventually.
  8. Snoopy Come Home by Charles Shultz – I guess it’s based on a Peanuts movie. I don’t remember, but according to my mom this is one I wanted read over and over again when I was little, even though it made me cry every time.
  9. The last 3 Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling – I know that’s three books, but I’m cheating. Amber’s reading this series and loving it, so I would have to save the ones she hasn’t gotten to yet.
  10. Pirates of Desire from Book By You – A personalized Pirate romance.
  11. Under the Black Flag by David Cordingly – (I already admitted I’m cheating a little.) I have to save something for David, too, and I know he hasn’t read this one yet.

What books would you save? Why?


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