A List of L Words

1. Love – I love my husband and it also happens to be his birthday today. Happy Birthday, David!

2. Life vest – David’s thinking of trying to fix up the old boat at the cabin, but this was taken last summer when we went canoeing.

life vest

3. Little –  I always think of all those little toys that you step on in the middle of the night. Happily, with Amber being older, that doesn’t happen often anymore.

4. Leash – The only time the dog is off his is when he’s in the house or the fenced in backyard.


5. Laundry – There’s always some that needs done.

6. License – Mine is not so pretty.

7. Lightning bugs – I still like catching them, but I don’t stick them in jars anymore.

lightning bug8. Legs – My legs were a little tired at the end of the run this morning

9. Lighthouses – We saw a couple on vacation in 2011.

                           lighthouse 1 lighthouse 2

10. Lake – We spend several weekends each summer at Pymatuning Lake.


What other words should I have included on my list?



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