missing barbados

I’m starting Missing Barbados by Willem Pain sometime today, so I’d thought I’d share the first bit of Chapter 1.

Susan Berg passed by the ninth floor like bird poop falling out of the crystal blue Miami sky. At 32 feet per second, most would think that the building would be moving by very quickly. Funny how the mind works in an unusual circumstance like this, she thought. It all actually slows down, almost to a snail’s crawl, perhaps because your body and mind have entered some sort of shock.

Robert Merchant looked the same way as he seemed to float on a downward descent next to Susan, his eyes as big as saucers, his moth agape like a dry-bed guppy gasping for air. How was she to know he wasn’t Luther Stein, the weasel bastard whom she was sure had broken into her eleventh floor condo to steal the evidence she had on him?

So, what do you think? Keep reading or not?

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