Today’s Top Ten is about Authors who deserve more recognition. My problem is I don’t tend to read little-known authors. Sad, I know. The only one I could think of was Brian M. Wiprud, who I love but don’t see around much.

So instead, how about the beginning of the book I’m currently reading, The Red Queen Dies by Frankie Y. Bailey.

the red queen dies

DATE: Thursday, 24 October 2019

TIME: 0700 hours

WEATHER TODAY: Mid 90s. Air quality poor. Evening storms


“Good morning, everyone. I’m Suzanne Price.

“First, the news from the nation. The federal government says, ‘No hoax, no conspiracy, but still no definitive answers.

“The administration denies suppressing portions of the commission report on the November 2012 close encounter between NORAD fighter jets and the black boomerang-shaped UFO that appeared over the Mojave Desert, creating worldwide awe and panic before disappearing in a blinding flash of light.

“In Las Vegas, preparations are under way for the now-annual spectacular celebration of that close encounter.

“However, a warning from alien invasion survivalists, who say this seventh anniversary will be the year the spacecraft returns leading an armada. Survivalists plan to retreat to their bunkers on November 2. Gun shop owners report sales of firearms are up, as they are every year as the anniversary approaches.

“Meanwhile, the National Weather Service says another eruption of solar flares couldĀ cause more communication and power disruptions early next week.”

That opening sets the stage well, but doesn’t give you much clue to the mystery. It’s several more paragraphs before the anchorwoman gets to the local news. “Now here at home…a chilling scenario posed by a local crime beat threader. Is there an ‘Albany Ripper in our midst?”

What do you think? Would you keep reading?

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