I can think of a few fictional Harrys. Harry Potter, of course, Dirty Harry, Harry Devlin, Harry Bosch, but today’s character is just plain old Harry.

Harry on the rocks

Title: Harry on the Rocks

Author: Susan Meddaugh

Category: Picture Book

Published: April 28, 2003 by HMH Books for Young Readers

Rating: 3½ out of 5 stars

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An afternoon boating excursion goes terribly awry when Harry drops his oars and the tide takes him and his little yellow boat out to sea. A storm washes him ashore on an island with nothing but sand and rocks and one windblown tree. Hungry, Harry hopes to eat an egg he finds amid the rocks, but after warming in the sun, the egg doesn’t cook—it hatches!

So instead of dinner, Harry finds a friend. But just what is the little, quickly growing, colorful, winged, and lizardlike creature? Harry’s in for more than one surprise as he discovers the true nature of the bizzard’s identity and the friendship they share

This is one I remember reading to Amber when she was younger. It’s a cute story about Harry, who is a dog, but a person dog, like they have in kid’s books. He gets stranded on a deserted island and finds an egg that hatches and a baby lizard emerges. The lizard grows quickly, and, to spoil the surprise, it turns out to be a dragon, which is probably why we got the book or someone gave it to us in the first place. Amber loved dragons and still does.

When Harry realizes who he’s sharing the island with, he gets scared. It’s a DRAGON! But in the end, we learn the value of friends, or family, regardless of how different they look or the different talents they have.

It’s good book, easy to read, fun with a bit of light danger when a storm comes, but a happy ending. The illustrations are bright, simple and clean.

We still have it on the bookshelf, which means it never got garage-saled or taken to Goodwill. It’s a keeper. After all, he’s a DRAGON!


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