I have a bucket list of things I want to do, but I’ve never made a “Not Gonna Do It” list. Here goes. I may add to it as time goes by.

I’m not gonna feel guilty about not baking desserts for activities at church or school – store-bought is fine. Ditto with covered dishes.

I’m not gonna buy things from every kid who is fundraising for some activity or other.

I’m not gonna work in the concession stand at the football games. I don’t want to and there are plenty of other parents.

I’m not gonna complain about the stupid little things that get on my nerves at work anymore. It’s not worth my energy.

I’m not gonna put impossible things on my list.

I’m not gonna avoid fried foods. I like them. And pasta and bread.

I’m not gonna prioritize housework over exercise.

I’m not gonna eat grapefruit or grape leaves or puffer fish.

I’m not gonna drink tea. I don’t like it, even if it is popular.

I’m not gonna change my own oil or mow the grass.

I’m not gonna ride a scary rollercoaster.

I’m not gonna attend or host “come and buy” parties.

I’m not gonna play Axis and Allies.

I’m not gonna use “text speak” in texts or out loud.

I’m not gonna feel guilty for ignoring someone when I’m reading/listening to a book.

I’m not gonna forget to order sprinkles on my ice cream cones.

I’m not gonna stress over it.

What else should I add?



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