I don’t like vegetables. That’s not entirely true but that’s what I say. There are some veggies I love  – roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted carrots, eggplant, but most I can take or leave, usually leave. I hate peas and Brussel sprouts (yes, I’ve tried them).

But the benefits of eating veggies far outweigh the “I don’t like them,”  so I’m trying. Last night we had chicken and mushrooms and I served peas for David and Amber. Instead of just passing on the veggie myself, I microwaved up some baby carrots. I tend to like vegetables cooked but not overcooked.

Summer’s coming and pretty soon it’ll be time to plant the garden. I find myself much more likely to use vegetables when I can just go out to the backyard and see what’s ripe and plan the meal around that. We’ll have cucumbers, zucchini, a couple types of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli. I’m not sure what else.

In the meantime, Everyday with Rachael Ray has a month of vegetable sides. What I should do is sneak some veggies in my breakfast smoothie. I should pull together some of these frozen smoothie packets from All Things Katie Marie, they all include spinach or kale.

Photo from All Things Katie Marie


  • I have the opposite problem from you–I hate meat and am a vegetarian. I think the choice of veggies you mentioned are very tasty, especially roasted tomatoes and eggplant. Have you tried roasted butternut squash or sweet potatoes? Both are delicious. I didn’t know Rachel Ray was doing veggie sides on her show. I’ll have to tune in. I love the smoothie bags. Must try that myself.

    • Love butternut squash and sweet potatoes, but my daughter hates them both. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and I tend to like the sweeter vegetables more – like roasted carrots and tomatoes instead of raw. They’re sweeter that way and I can still serve raw ones to Amber. The veggie sides were in her magazine and the link is to her magazine’s website.

  • My husband and I love veggies, but my youngest son is so picky. He only likes Brussels sprouts if they have a ton of melted cheese on top and that defeats the purpose. He does like raw carrots but that’s about it. He says he can’t stand the way cooked veggies feel in his mouth. Oy!!

    My oldest son is vegan and his wife & kids are vegetarians, so I know they get plenty of veggies.

  • I love mostly all vegetables except red & green peppers and butter beans. Yuck. Apart from those I love everything else, even brussel sprouts!

    Stopping by on the A to Z. 🙂

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