Good bones

Today’s tale is another short piece from Margaret Atwood’s Good Bones and Simple Murders, “Making a Man. ” There are several ways of making a man including the traditional method, using dust and the breath of life. You can also use marzipan or the clothes method. You can even a make a cute lawn ornament with a bit of plaster of Paris.

But my favorite method, and the reason this story fits in on my Thursday is the man you can bake. Yep, a man made of gingerbread of course. Actually any cookie recipe will do, but if you want him lively, you need to add some extra ginger. There is one caveat though. After he comes out of the oven, this type of man is difficult to hold on to. “Men made this way are apt to take off down the roan, on motorcycles or off them, robbing convenience stores, getting themselves tattooed, and hopping up and down and singing, “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.” On the upside, though, they taste delicious.

It’s a fun little piece, with it’s stereotypical men and their good and bad points.

You can purchase Good Bones and Simple Murders on Amazon.

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