I’m participating in WordPress.com’s Writing201: Poetry that finishes up this week.

“What’s in your drawer? Let’s praise it (to its face) with odes and apostrophes. Hello, Day 8!” This is not actually something that’s in my drawer, it’s entirely imaginary, but my first try, an ode to my pencil, just didn’t work. I may have to try an ode another day.

The Photo

I was cleaning out the drawer,
finding bits of the past
buried under the jumble of today. 
I found it, that photo,
torn and creased, 
hiding in the back corner.
We were so young then,
you and I.
Do you remember?

I hadn't thought about you for ages,
hadn't missed you,
hadn't wondered what you were doing,
who you were with.
The sunset has dulled,
the sand darkened,
but we're still smiling,
hand in hand. 
Do you remember?


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