As I’ll mention in my next post, I need to come up with a new plan, now that the run is over, so of course I turn to the internet. I’d like my goals to focus both on fitness and healthy-eating.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Internet has tons sites designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Some are just trying to sell things but a lot have are excellent sources of valuable information. Some sites, such as Blender Babes, are one-stop centers of health-related information presented in an appealing and engaging manner.

The topics typically found in these health-related sites vary and are trending; moreover, they are guaranteed to result in frequent return visits by web users. Some topics may include such things as recipes, which are my favorite, video presentations and tutorials, 101 advice tips on healthy living, exercise routines and products reviews on new and/or refurbished products. Actually, these kinds of outstanding sites have something for everyone.

Health-Conscious Recipes

Detox smoothies, banana smoothies and the latest green smoothie recipe all form part of the special features section! Most recipes published are frugally oriented, which is a definite benefit. Great tasting and easy to make, I love these delicious beverages for breakfast or as a mid-morning treat.

Product Reviews

Side-by-side comps on the latest new and refurbished products will help potential shoppers decide on the pros and cons of a possible buy. In addition, you not only receive a review on a certain type of product, but a comparison using another item as an alternative. For instance, which is better for your specific preferences–a blender or a juice extractor?

Diets, Exercise and Inspiration As Well

Just the same as with product reviews, these lifestyle/health-related web sites will break down the most popularly used diet regimens on the planet. Vegan, vegetarian and low-carb eaters too find interesting details and dieting tips that make any mouth water! The recipes are the ones that tend to suck me in, especially when the photos that accompany them are so yummy-looking.

Pilates, aerobic or yoga–you pick your choice. Strenuous, least exerting or just plain relaxing all lead to a better life in the opinion of numerous expert contributors. I need to find a plan that includes some running, but maybe a little more strength-training than I’ve been doing.

Most sites offer newsletter to subscribe to and have it delivered to your email Inbox. These are great reminders to check out new recipes or make sure you get your workout in. Most newsletters are free and without obligation, so you have nothing to lose and only your health to gain.

What about you? Do you have any “health-related” website you love?

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