Readers workouts

Here are my steps for the week. We were at Disney so we did a lot of walking. We had a great time!



My current plan is to do a core workout on Monday, cardio on Tuesday (60 mins), upper body on Wednesday, cardio on Thursday (60 mins), total body workout on Friday and cardio on Saturday (60+ mins).

On vacation, I just had fun and didn’t worry about getting in any workouts.

Sunday – Walk with the dog

Monday – Core workout

Even with all that walking, I gained a couple of pounds on vacation. E;m even from 11/17. My goal is to lose 11 lbs.

I usually listen to a book while I’m walking, jogging, whatever. This week I’m listening to City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett,

How was your week? Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy at Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks!


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