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Advent Illustrated:  A Bible Journaling Challenge by Sara LaughedAdvent Illustrated: A Bible Journaling Challenge by Sara Laughed
Published by the author on November 1, 2015
Genres: Christian Life
Pages: 64
Format: eBook
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Bible journaling is a fun and creative way to connect with scripture. People paint, draw, sketch, letter, and scrapbook in the pages of their Bible, all as a way of connecting with the stories and messages that it holds. Advent Illustrated is a Bible journaling challenge that corresponds to Advent 2015, and the Advent Illustrated challenge at http://saralaughed.com. This guide contains:
- A chapter about Bible journaling and how the challenge will work
- A chapter on how to start Bible journaling if you haven't before
- A chapter with my recommendations for Bible journaling supplies
- An outline of the month
- Four different plans you can follow: Love (6 times a week), Joy (5 times a week), Peace (1 time a week), and Patience (just the last week before Christmas). Each plan comes with a printable calendar of your daily scripture verses.
- The Advent selections - a page for every day of Advent with the verse printed on the page and a one- to two-paragraph section that gives context for the verse, as well as some creative prompts if you're stuck for ideas.

I’m new to Bible journaling but I love the concept. Within the past six months or so, I’ve taken to carrying around a notebook to jot things down, quotes, things I need to remember, sermon notes. For me, Bible journaling is an artistic extension of that. It’s another way of interacting with scripture, of responding to what I read, of highlighting what strikes me, of enjoying concepts or images. I’m not good at drawing, but that’s not the point. Bible journaling is for me, not to impress anyone.

Advent Illustrated is a good beginners book. She talks a bit about journaling and about basic supplies but I never felt like I can’t do this. It’s an encouraging book, even for those of us who are not as talented at drawing or painting as others. She makes it approachable.

It is not a devotional, don’t expect it to be. Each day has a short verse, usually a sentence or two, and a couple of paragraphs with some context for the verse and a journaling prompt. That’s it. Any more depth you bring to it yourself. She’s set out several plans you can follow, and it’s a great way to celebrate and reflect during Advent.

You can find examples of Bible journaling inspired by the book on Instagram with the hashtag #AdventIllustrated.

About Sara Laughed

Sara Laughed is a writer, blogger, and student of religion. She has been blogging at SaraLaughed since 2012. She currently resides in the United States.


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