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I am not a huge animated movie buff. We watched a lot when Amber was little, but not so much anymore, except fairy tale remakes occasionally.  I’m not even sure what the last animated movie I saw was.

When I was trying to think of my favorite animated movie, one popped into my mind that I haven’t watched in ages: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It came out in theaters in 1988, but I feel like we probably watched it on video. I know it probably doesn’t count as a true animated movie, but it was the beginning of the “new” Disney animation era. The film is set in Hollywood during the late 1940s in an alternative timeline where animated characters really exist. The story follows Eddie Valiant, a private detective who must exonerate “Toon” Roger Rabbit, who is accused of murdering a wealthy businessman. The mix of live-action and animation was unique at the time and the characters, both live and animated are memorable: the funny, frenetic Roger Rabbit; his sultry wife Jessica; Valiant, the down-on-his-luck detective who hates toons. Characters from “rival’ studios appeared together, like Donald Duck and Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.

I read a lot of mystery/detective novels. I guess my movie tastes tend to mirror my reading tastes.

I should find it again. I don’t think I’ve ever made Amber watch it.

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