My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books. In this meme we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it.. The world can be a dark place and it’s time to share something positive. For more info: My Favorite Meme.

It’s been a while since I read it, but the love story that I though of first was Persuasion by Jane Austen. It’s classic Austen, witty and observant, but it’s also a “second chance at love” story. Anne fell in love with Wentworth over 8 years before the story takes place, but was convinced by a well-meaning family friend to break off the engagement. Fast forward, and they meet again. Both are older, wise, have made mistakes, but are still in love.

What’s your favorite love story? Join in at Maureen’s Books.


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