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I love museums, and have been to a lot of amazing ones, but it’s easy for me to pick a favorite: the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Art. Yes, technically that’s two, but they are in the same building and your admission fee covers both. I think part of what makes it a favorite is that it’s close enough to visit fairly often. Sometimes we’ll wander longer on the history side and sometimes longer on the art side, but it’s always a great place to spend a day. I especially like to go up when a special exhibit catches my eye.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Neapolitan Presepio, December 2016
Neapolitan Presepio, December 2016
Hall of Sculpture
Hall of Sculpture, September 20116

One Pittsburgh museum that I haven’t been to yet and would really like to see is the ToonSeum. I think I might try to go after the holidays while their Wonder Woman exhibit is still on display.

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