So, my yard might have gotten a bit neglected over the winter. But now it’s finally spring!! I’ve been weeding, planting new flowers, and thinking about what else I want to do. Backyards are the perfect spots for relaxing with a good book, hosting an afternoon tea with friends or just relaxing with your family. Creating my own special backyard might inspire me to spend more time outside breathing fresh air and relaxing, which is something everyone needs more of.

If you’re like me and thinking about how to create your own backyard sanctuary, here are a few ideas.

Handcrafted Outdoor Art

Is there anything more cherished than an original beloved piece of art? Art doesn’t need to be restricted to the indoors. In fact, a customized handcrafted metal art piece makes for a stunning addition to a backyard. Outdoor art can be beautiful and functional and you can find fire pits, lanterns and gates that are both gorgeous and utilitarian.

Planter Boxes

It’s easy to build standard wooden planter boxes, and those are great. But if you’re creating a sanctuary why not paint them with your favorite color? And while you’re at it, fill them up with your favorite flowers. You can also add handcrafted metal garden stakes for an artistic addition. 

Comfortable Seating

Always make sure you have comfortable seating so you can get the most out of your backyard. There are several options out there, from Adirondack chairs and free standing hammocks to an outdoor dining set. Whatever you select, just make sure you will love it and use it regularly. This year I got a new hammock chair for Christmas, but my husband hasn’t gotten around to putting it up yet.

Animal Feeders

What’s a sanctuary without wildlife? There are hundreds of different birdhouses on the market to choose from, or you can make your own. Squirrel feeders are also gaining in popularity and have the added bonus of entertainment when installed. And while you’re at it, you can also install bee houses and butterfly houses on your fence to help encourage all kinds of different wildlife to join you in your new backyard.  

Maybe I’ll take some pictures once my backyard is a bit more presentable.


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