I am an unapologetic series reader. Mysteries of course, vintage and contemporary, but also sci-fi, fantasy, and even the occasional romance. The two books I’m in the middle of right now, listed on my sidebar, are both parts series. So, when I saw Michelle and Berls’ Can You Read a Series in a Month? Challenge at Because Reading Is Better than Real Life, I had to join in.

The challenge is to pick 1 series, and then read EVERY book in that series during May. To count as a series, there needs to be at least 3 published books, so trilogies work. If the series isn’t complete yet, as long as the first 3 books have been published it counts. The hashtag is #SeriesinaMonth.

Wanna join in? Sign up here.

I’m choosing Elly Griffiths’ Stephens & Mephisto Mysteries.

  • The Zig Zag Girl – finished 5/13, review
  • Smoke and Mirrors – finished 5/20, review
  • The Blood Card – finished 5/24, review
  • The Vanishing Box – finished 6/1, review
  • Now You See Them

As you see above, I failed to finish the series in May, but I really enjoyed the ones I did read. I’ll definitely be picking up Now You See Them soon.


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