Finder by Suzanne PalmerFinder by Suzanne Palmer
Narrator: Joe Hempel
Series: Finder Chronicles #1
Published by Blackstone Publishing on April 2, 2019
Source: Purchased
Genres: Science Fiction
Length: 11 hrs 45 mins
Pages: 371
Format: Audiobook
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From Hugo Award-winning debut author Suzanne Palmer comes an action-packed sci-fi caper starring Fergus Ferguson, interstellar repo man and professional finder

Fergus Ferguson has been called a lot of names: thief, con artist, repo man. He prefers the term finder.

His latest job should be simple. Find the spacecraft Venetia's Sword and steal it back from Arum Gilger, ex-nobleman turned power-hungry trade boss. He'll slip in, decode the ship's compromised AI security, and get out of town, Sword in hand.

Fergus locates both Gilger and the ship in the farthest corner of human-inhabited space, a backwater deep space colony called Cernee. But Fergus' arrival at the colony is anything but simple. A cable car explosion launches Cernee into civil war, and Fergus must ally with Gilger's enemies to navigate a field of space mines and a small army of hostile mercenaries. What was supposed to be a routine job evolves into negotiating a power struggle between factions. Even worse, Fergus has become increasingly--and inconveniently--invested in the lives of the locals.

It doesn't help that a dangerous alien species Fergus thought mythical prove unsettlingly real, and their ominous triangle ships keep following him around.

Foolhardy. Eccentric. Reckless. Whatever he's called, Fergus will need all the help he can get to take back the Sword and maybe save Cernee from destruction in the process.

Finder is fun ride. Fergus Ferguson, a large, redheaded man from Scotland by way of Mars, has made a “career out of chasing things and running away.” Right now he’s focused on chasing an expensive spaceship, Venetia’s Sword, that was stolen from its makers by Gilger, a criminal mob boss. This mission has led Fergus to Cernee, a space colony where Gilger has his home base.

Fergus has a plan and a secret method of taking control of Venetia’s Sword, shared with him by the shipbuilders. But things go wrong for Fergus right from the start, when he almost gets killed in a cable car explosion in the space colony. Fergus allies with Gilger’s enemies, who have their own issues with the power-hungry boss, and puts his plan into play, but there are complications … including some mysterious aliens with their own agenda.

Finder is more or less a heist story, just with some added complications and a sci-fi background. It’s a quick read with almost non-stop action. Ferguson is clearly the star. He’s got some issues from his past but I love how he comes up with farfetched but brilliant plans on the fly, and it’s fun to watch him run various cons on his enemies. The other characters are also well-developed with interesting and mixed motives.

Finder is imaginative and has a good sense of humor. The ending leaves a few open questions and I’m looking forward to reading the next of Fergus’ adventures.

About Suzanne Palmer

Suzanne Palmer has been nominated for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award and the Eugie M. Foster Award. Her short fiction has won reader’s awards for Asimov’sAnalog, and Interzone magazines, and was listed in Locus Magazine‘s Recommended Reading. Her work has been included in numerous anthologies, including the 35th Annual Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois and volumes two and three of The Best Science Fiction of the Year, edited by Neil Clarke.

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