The Murder of Robert Wone by AYR MediaThe Murder of Robert Wone by AYR Media
Narrator: H. Alan Scott
Published by Audible Original on September 23, 2021
Source: Audible Plus
Genres: True Crime
Length: 3 hr 45 min
Format: Audiobook
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Robert Wone and Joseph Price were unlikely friends. Having met in college, both went on to become promising young lawyers in Washington, DC. This is where their similarities ended. Robert, a first-generation Chinese American, was newly married to his wife Kathy and was about to embark on a new career. Joseph, a prominent LGBTQ activist, became known for his wealth and his unconventional sexual relationship with his partner, Victor Zaborsky, and the third man in their relationship, Dylan Ward.

On the night of August 2, 2006, the lives of these two unlikely friends changed forever when Robert is found stabbed to death in Joseph’s guest room. True crime junkie H. Alan Scott re-investigates this cold case, hoping to discover more about who murdered Robert Wone, talking to those who lived it, covered it, and from within the LGBTQ community.

I don’t usually listen to podcasts – I’m not sure why. The Murder of Robert Wone is available for free on Audible Plus, and it sounded interesting. I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted to listen to, so free and short is as good a reason as any. It turned out to be pretty fascinating. Robert Wone was found stabbed to death in his friends’ home in Washington, DC.

The podcast was put together well. It took a thorough look at the people involved and evidence found that night and in the following days. I usually read crime fiction, where more often than not, we get a resolution. True crime can be messy like it is here. People may have their suspicions, but proof is sometimes impossible to get.

About AYR Media

AYR Media is a full service content production company with an emphasis on non-fiction content in podcasts, television, and film. President and CEO Aliza Rosen has worked as a producer in the television industry for over two decades and brings a breadth of knowledge and experience in premium unscripted programming. AYR Media’s credits include *The Case of Jon Benet Ramsey *(CBS), The Case of Caylee AnthonyDirty John: The Dirty Truth, and documentary feature film Latter Day Jew.

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