Heroes Ever Die by J. A. CrawfordHeroes Ever Die by J. A. Crawford
Narrator: Tim Campbell
Series: Ken Allen Super Sleuth #2
Published by CamCat Books on August 16, 2022
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Genres: Mystery
Length: 7 hrs 32 mins
Pages: 304
Format: Audiobook
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In his world, everyone wears a mask.

When the actors who play iconic superheroes in big screen blockbusters start dying on set, Ken Allen, failed actor and neophyte detective, answers the call after the blame falls on effects expert Ray Ford, Ken’s oldest friend.

But the deaths are not accidental. Someone is killing heroes. Maybe for love, maybe for money. Maybe for both. Ken Allen finds himself outmatched and outgunned when he learns that Ray Ford’s banished apprentice makes weapons that are anything but props.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jove Brand Is Near Death, so was looking forward to Heroes Ever Die, the second in the Ken Allen series. And I’m happy to report it was just as fun. This time around, superheroes are our theme, both in comic books and movie franchises.

Ken Allen is now officially a private investigator, but this time around he’s still working for a friend, Ray Ford. We met Ray in the first book. He’s a special effects expert- stunts, vehicles, gadgets, he does it all. But when a stunt goes wrong and someone dies, he turns to Ken to help clear his name. And outfits him with all the weaponry and vehicles he might need.

This was a blast. Ken gets a chance to show off his intelligence and his martial arts skills. The dialogue is snappy and funny. The situations are over the top but in a good way. It’s all a little ridiculous, funny, and action-filled, like the movies it’s parodying. We’ve got some surprises and a good mix of returning and new characters. It’s a perfect popcorn book.

About J. A. Crawford

J.A. Crawford wanted to grow up to be a superhero. He studied Criminal Justice at Wayne State University, specializing in criminal procedure and interrogation.

Despite what his family thinks, Joe is not a spy. When he isn’t writing, he travels the country investigating disaster sites. Before that, he taught Criminal Justice, Montessori Kindergarten, and several martial arts. Joe is an alum of the Pitchwars program.

Joe has too many interests and finds every topic under the sun absolutely fascinating. He especially loves the stories behind the stories. Joe splits his time between Michigan and California. He is married to his first and biggest fan, who is not allowed to bring home any more pets.


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