I¬†saw this over at Life and Times of a “New” New Yorker and thought it was cute. I chose my favorite of the three sections it assigned me.

Carol’s Dewey Decimal Section:

052 Serials in English

000 Computer Science, Information & General Works

Encyclopedias, magazines, journals and books with quotations.

What it says about you:
You are very informative and up to date. You’re working on living in the here and now, not the past. You go through a lot of changes. When you make a decision you can be very sure of yourself, maybe even stubborn, but your friends appreciate your honesty and resolve.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com

I’m not sure about the “up to date” part, but I do try to live in the present. There’s no sense dwelling on things that have already happend. Just for the record, though, friends don’t always appreciate honesty.

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