words I ran across a few new-to-me words this week.

calumniate– to make false and malicious statements about; slander.

” They are calumniated, and are vindicated.” (pg. 78, Trinity by Joseph F. Girzone)

dirndl– full, gathered skirt attached to a waistband or hip yoke; any skirt with gathers at the waistband.

“The skirt was a green dirndl with tiny black, white and electric-blue shapes swarming across it.” (pg. 113, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath)

corrasable– “erasable”

“I counted out three hundred and fifty sheets of corrasable bond from my mother’s stock in the hall closet.” (pg 120, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath)

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  1. I don’t remember ever seeing the word corrasable before! (I’ve read The Bell Jar, so technically I have seen this word before; I just don’t remember it.)

    Are you going to review The Bell Jar? I read it years ago in university and thought it was very funny (in a very dark humour sort of way), which freaked out my roommate at the time. (She didn’t think it was funny!) I’ve been meaning to reread it to see what I’d think of it now (20 years later!).

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