the lightThe Light, the Dark, & Ember Between by J. W. Nicklaus


This book is a collection of uplifting images that delve into the reflections of the human condition. These stories will cause you to think, laugh, and even cry at the beauty of emotional memories. You will smile at the thought of love lost and found again in “Paper Doll.” You will think about your life’s choices in “10:18.” You will cry tears of joy while reading about the hidden gift in “Winter Rose.” This is a must-have collection of thought-provoking reflections perfect for your bedside or the beach.

My thoughts:

I was looking at my shelves, trying to decide what to read next and this one popped out at me. Granted, I have others that I should have gotten around to before it, but it just really fit the mood I was in. It’s short, but filled with wonderful glimpses of lives.

With fifteen stories, it’s almost impossible to talk about each of them, but they all center aruond love, whether it be the search for love, finding it and holding on, or the loss of a loved one. It didn’t bring me to tears, although some of the stories were bittersweet. Others made me smile and even laugh at times.

There are several stories that stand out. One of my favorites was “Requiem for Linny.”  In its brief 32 pages, we learn how deep love can be and that we can still hold that love even after the person passes on. Life can be tough and unfair, but you do what you have to. To be honest, I would have liked to get to know those characters more. I had to laugh during “One Washington Diner” when the man states the meaning of the universe is forty-two. I love Douglas Adams’ references. And the last, “Winter Rose” is just an incredibly sweet, touching story, reminding us that love blooms in different shades and sometimes in the harshest conditions.

Overall, this collection is a lovely short read. Nicklaus has fit a lot about love and life in these tender, thoughtful stories and I’m glad I read them.

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