wordsI ran across a few new-to-me words this week.

These two are from Don’t Call Me a Crook! by Bob Moore. They were actually defined in the footnotes, which was kind of nice.

haversack– satchel.

” We took two electic torches and some gin and a haversack

flivver– a low-priced, little, and often old car.

“gangsters drove into the place in a flivver that had two machine guns mounted on it”

The other two are from Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts.

allée– a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs.

“The ancient live oaks that formed the allée dripped with water and moss”

spark– to engage in courtship; woo.

“And since you’re sparking me, you can call me Miss Odette.”

Any new words for you this week? Play along at Bermudaonion’s Weblog.

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  • It’s so funny that you have spark as one of your words. In a Blog Talk Radio interview this week, Luis Urrea used that to talk about when he was dating his wife. I love flivver and may be able to use that one. Thanks for participating.

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