My Fishing JournalMy Fishing Journal by Louis Gary Lamit is a journal for children to track and record their fishing experiences. This journal is for those who want to detail their fishing trips and also save it for later in life to better recall these special times.

There are 50-pages of full color sheets that are divided into categories for writing down the time, date, moon phase, weather conditions, water conditions, fishing gear, types of fish caught, fishing companions, etc. There is also a longer 100-page version that is not colored but has more sheets for older children or adults to document fishing trips. More than 75 fish types have been described in information blocks at the end of each set of facing pages so that you and your child can learn about the fish they will be encountering during their trips.

Journal 1Journal 2

I am really excited about these journals. Not only do they have places for all the details of the trips, there is also a section to sketch, perfect for Amber (9), who loves to draw. and a lined spot for a journal entry. We took both versions with us to the lake over Labor Day weekend, one for Amber and one for David, my husband. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch any fish, but it is still a fishing trip to record.  Honestly, if you have a child who is at all interested in fishing or a husband, like mine, who loves it, this would be a great gift. I can’t wait to see the kind of memories they’ll spark after a few years of using them.

You can see other sample journal pages, information on the author and some great links at

Thanks to the author for sending me our journals. They’re wonderful.


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