Game Night – Bohnanza

Game Night – Bohnanza


Designers: Uwe Rosenberg
Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
Artist: Bjorn Pertoft
Year: 2000
Players: 2 -7
Time: 45 minutes
Ages: 12 and up

Who knew that being a bean farmer could be so much fun? The theme behind card game is that you’re a farmer with a couple of fields that you plant beans in, trying to make as much money as possible in the process. An odd rule in this card game is that you can’t change the order of the cards in your hand, you have to play them as your draw them, unless you make some good trades and deals. It’s all about trading, which can be a little tough for me at times. I’m not real good at cooperation, which I may have mentioned before, and don’t like helping people out if it’s possible not to, meaning I don’t win often. It is a fun game, though and the card illustrations are awesome. It’s a great addition to game night, since it can be played with up to 7 players.


  1. rockcod

    I totally agree that this is a good game to have around; it’s a good “filler game,” much as 6Nimmt can be. If you’re no good at cooperation, maybe you should play Pandemic a few times. It’s a lesson in cooperation since all players win or lose together.

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