Our Bookshelves

Earlier this week, a lot of people were posting photos of their bookshelves, so I thought I’d share mine.

This one is in my living room. It’s the neatest of the lot. The bottom shelf has scrapbooks and a couple photo albums. The snowmen will get put away, probably at the end of January, making room for Valentine’s Day things.

This is one of Amber’s bookshelves. Well, the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia are technically mine, but she’ll read them sometime and the rest are all hers. Usually the top would have DVD’s on it, but they were put away for Christmas and are currently in a stack somewhere. Her other bookshelf is below, beside our game shelves.

I’ve got a few other bookshelves, but they’re a mess. The one on the left is by our desk and holds some of David’s old textbooks, in addition to random things. The two on the right are in a storage room and are just working as a catch-all right now.

I also have books stashed in an end table and several boxes full that I don’t know what to do with right now. David says he’ll eventually make me some built-ins, but I’m not holding my breath.


  1. I only have one small bookshelf. I also use the top of the desk in my bedroom and the shelves under the tv in the bedroom. I still haven’t replaced the bookshelf that collapsed, but I probably should.

    Thanks for sharing the photos!

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