Rion by Susan Kearney

Back in September, I read Lucan, the first in the Pendragon Legacy series, and loved it, so when I got a chance to read Rion, I couldn’t pass it up.

Marisa is Lucan’s sister and Rion is his best friend, but I don’t think you need to have read the first to enjoy this one.

In this future world, one-tenth of Earth’s population are dragonshapers and Marisa is a telepath who is helping them learn to control themselves as dragons. Rion is from the planet Honor, where his people, all dragonshapers, have become enslaved to an evil alien Tribe, the Unari. Only with Marisa’s help can Rion organize a revolt and save his people.

It took me a little while to warm up to the book. First off, even though I knew they were both dragonshapers and Marisa always has scales on some parts of her body, during the first sex scene, when “her scales rumbled in wave after wave of pleasure,” I was a little turned off. The rest of the sexual interludes made up for it though, steamy, and the characters’ connection was more than just physical.

A second part I had trouble with was that Rion kidnapped Marisa, to another planet no less, but she still falls in love with him anyway and eventually trusts him. Once I allowed myself to relax and remember that it’s fiction, I did truly like both main characters, though. Rion has secrets and has to put his people before his own feelings or anyone’s else’s, at least that’s what he believes. Rion is handsome, sexy, strong, loyal, passionate, and Marisa is more than his equal. Freeing the Honorians is an incredibly difficult task, full of danger from all sides, but they truly become partners.

“I’m a lucky man to be holding the sexiest, bravest woman in the solar system, and you have brains, too.” (pg. 332)

You know there will be a happy ending, but the fun and suspense is in getting there.

I did find the parts that were anti- one world government and that discussed the media’s role in the Unari takeover interesting.

“The Unari are brilliant strategists. They penetrated both sides of Honor’s political system, pushing an agenda of global unification, one currency, one government, one world order. Those who spoke up against them didn’t stand a chance against their giant propaganda machine.”

“Once they controlled the media,” Phen said, “they could sway the way people thought.” (pg. 90)

In March, Jordan’s story comes out. You can bet I’ll be reading it, too.

So, do you like sexy paranormal romance? Danger on distant planets? Brave people who can also shift to dragons? I’ve got 5 copies of Rion to giveaway. To enter, just leave me a comment below. US and Canada only, no PO boxes and you have to be 18+. The contest will be open through January 29, and I’ll announce the winner on the 30th.

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My copy was provided by the publisher for review and the above is my honest opinion. I am an Amazon associate.


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