January was cold. That about sums it up.

I read nine books this past month, one short story and one fairy tale.

I did read one classic which is one of my personal goals, to read more classics. My favorite of the month was definitely Still Life, although they all had their good points.

I received a few books in the mail that I haven’t gotten a chance to read yet.

Aside from books, it was a wonderful month. First, David got a new job that seems like it will fit him well. Of course, they feed him everyday, either lunch, donuts, or cookies, and gave him a pair of Penguin’s tickets, so it’s no wonder he’s so positive about it.

Amber’s 10th birthday was in the middle of the month, so we ended up having dinner out one night, her choice, a party for family and a party this past Saturday for friends. That’s David giving her rabbit ears in the picture. How many presents does a kid need?

Looking ahead, there’s not much on the calendar for February, besides the Super Bowl and Valentines Day.


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