I ran across this quote at Seize Your Turn and had to share it.

The Candyland Decree

Author Steven Johnson hates the board game Candyland and all board games like it.  I hate them even more than he does.

“I realize that games of pure chance have a long history, but that doesn’t make them any less moronic,” he writes.  Here’s how Candyland is played: You pick a card and do what it says.  Repeat.

This is early training in agenda following.  Indoctrination in obedience.  We teach our kids that the best way to win is to mindlessly pick cards, follow instructions, and wait for it all to turn out okay.

Sheesh.  What a disaster.

My decree: If you own a copy, burn it.  Replace it with Cosmic Encounter or chess or a big box filled with wooden blocks.  Please don’t look at school or even board games the same way again.  If they’re teaching your kids or future employees to be map readers and agenda followers, make them stop.

(pg 193, Linchpin by Seth Godin)


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