I’m not very good at staying focused, if I’m honest with myself. For example, about half an hour ago I was putting away Christmas things from my bookshelf and putting my books back out, but in the middle of doing that, I came down to post a few books on Paperbackswap, so that meant I was at the compute. Of course, I had to scan today’s headlines and now I’m working on this post. I still have empty boxes and half-full ones sitting on the floor upstairs, waiting. When I’m grocery shopping with David and Amber, I’m the one who wanders off, with some random thing catching my eye.  At work, I’ll be doing something, get distracted and then end up going back to the file a couple of hours later. Or the next day.

I’m not necessarily a focused person in general, but I can get absorbed in what I’m reading. It’s not intentional, but sometimes a book will just grab me and I will end up reading for hours until I finish, without realizing how much time is passing. It doesn’t happen often, and the last book I can remember getting that absorbed in is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Last night though, the last couple chapters of The Devotion of Suspect X had me totally caught in its spell.

What was the last book that had you completely absorbed?


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