I’ve been using the New Women’s Devotional Bible daily for the last couple of weeks or so. The devotions are fit what I was looking for. They’re brief, about a page long. They include a scripture verse to read, the devotion, thoughtful articles which so far have been good giving me a different way of looking at something or encouraging me to think about my own life. Most include questions for reflection and several end with a prayer.

These devotions are written by women for women, which is not necessarily something I would usually pick up, but they are not cheesy or sappy. The writers are applying a scripture basis to real issues, real challenges that women face. So far, they’ve talked God’s love, about God keeping His promises in His time not ours, sin’s affecting those close to the sinner, and the lack of self-confidence. There are a year’s worth of devotions, so I’m expecting them to continue to help provide relevant insights into my life and my relationship with God.

The Bible text is the NIV, New International Version, which tends to be the translation I read the most anyway. I haven’t been following the reading plan, though, as I’ve been working my way through the Bible anyway.

I think a lot of women would find this Bible and the devotions inspirational, helpful, and thought-provoking. I’m actually thinking of picking up the Men’s Devotional Bible for my husband.

You can purchase the Women’s Devotional Bible at Amazon or Indie bookstore.

Published October 2006 by Zondervan

I received my copy for review and the above is my honest opinion.


  • I like how you noted that the reflections aren’t cheesy or sappy. I think that’s been my biggest turn-off when it comes to gender-specific devotionals. I always seem to come across men’s devotionals that are intellectual and insightful but the women’s tend to be schmaltzy and overly simplified. I might have to take a peek at this one!

  • I recently picked up my college Bible that we used as a text in an English course and decided to read it again. I found wonderful passages, words of encouragement and advice. I discovered Sirach/Ecclesiasticus, the Proverbs and the Psalms. Beats going to a counselor any time 🙂 Your devotional Bible readings sound inspirational.

  • Sounds like it would make a great gift! My grandmother read devotionals everyday of her life and would have loved version of the Bible.

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