I’m an unrepentant end-reader. I will get partially into a book and just have to read the end, see who survives, who the killer was, if the couple finally gets together. I still read the rest of the book, but I feel better knowing how it all turns out. I don’t like the stress inherent in not knowing. Yes, I realize that for many that’s one of the draws of reading, but not for me so much. I’m also a skimmer. Sometimes I skim through a page, getting what I need to but skipping over some of the details. Both of those are quiet easy with traditional books

And that’s the problem with audiobooks. I can’t skip ahead to the end, at least on my player, because I’ll lose my spot. I can’t skim over any bits because I’m stuck with the narrator’s pace, probably a good thing actually, although with some books where there is a lot of repetition it can be annoying .

Here’s what it boils down to- I need a bit of help. My current audio is The Crimson Campaign by Brian McClellan, #2 in his Powder Mage Trilogy. I’m currently on hour 5 of like 19 and I really need to know what’s going to happen! So, if you’ve read it, please e-mail me some spoilers. Or just let me know in the comments a general idea of the outcome, mostly with Taniel’s and Tamas’ storylines. Nila I’m not so invested in or Adamat for that matter. Pretty please.

Am I the only one who has this trouble with audiobooks? I love them, don’t get me wrong, but I wish more reviewers would give me spoilers.


  • I used to read the end of a book before I was finished, but haven’t for years. I discovered I like the suspense of waiting to find out how it ends. I don’t like spoilers at all, for books or movies.

    Sorry, but I haven’t read this book, so I can’t help.

  • LOL oh that’s kinda funny! I’m not an end reader or a blurb reader. I like being completely surprised by what’s going to happen and just picking based on title/cover.

    I haven’t gotten into audios quite yet. Part of my problem isn’t skimming ahead but going back. Sometimes I need to re-read a scene or want to go back and make sure I read something right the first time/etc and dang that’s hard on an audio. I totally cover my books in post it notes to mark quotes for later too and it would drive me batty not being able to do that. lol

    Hope someone can give you some good spoilers!

  • Alas, no help. And I can’t say I’m surprised that I’m in the minority when it comes to read the end. I also like to know movie spoilers, too.

  • Jeane

    I tend to give inadvertently give spoilers when I post about books- I can’t seem to help it sometimes. But I haven’t read this one, so can’t help you there. I think I’d have the same issue with audiobooks- I’ve never really used them myself but do get a bit frustrated with my e-reader. I can skip back and forth there, but it’s not nearly as easy as good old-fashioned paper books!

    • I actually like spoilers in a review. I’m not good at skipping on my e-reader either, although I do sometimes turn the page before I’m actually done reading it.

  • LOL! I used to be really bad about checking the end of almost all books but I’ve learned to only check when the book is realyy stressing me out 😉 (like my last one, That Night- I just HAD to know~)

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