Here’s my plan, more or less. (SS stands for strength training/stretching; CT stands for cross-training)

training plan

Since last check-in, I finished Week 6 and am starting Week 7.

I switched Wednesday and Tuesday of this week. On Tuesday, I did the elliptical for 60 minutes. Wednesday morning I took the dog on a mile walk and in the evening I did some dumbbell exercises and ab work equaling 30 minutes.

Thursday I ran 2 miles at a pace of 11:36 min/mile. And I ate good. I pulled back out my Lean Mom, Fit Family plan, which I guess I’ve never actually posted about. It’s a great book about eating right and exercising. I actually like it for the meal plans – they’re really doable. And it’s helped me before when I wanted to lose weight.

On Thursday evenings, I take Amber to an art class, and sometimes I run while she’s there. One of her friends is also in it and her mom, who is a friend of mine, asked me if we could start walking during those 45 minutes. I, of course, said sure. It means I’ll have to do my run afterwards every week, but that’s okay, I don’t usually get a chance to actually walk with someone besides the dog.

Friday I took the dog on a 1 mile walk.

I didn’t get time for my run on Saturday so I moved it to Sunday. I really wanted to run outside, but it was rainy so I headed to the gym. I went the 4.5 miles on the treadmill at 12:00 min/mile.  But then Monday, we went to the Renaissance Festival and I didn’t feel like running afterward, so my week’s all screwed up. I’m thinking do my run tonight, skip the 30-min SS and pick back up with 60-min CT on Wednesday. Hopefully. This time-management thing is tough.

Readers’ Workouts is hosted by Joy’s Book Blog. Thanks, Joy, for keeping me accountable.


  • Sounds like you still did great, even with the blip in the plan. I always use my treadmill, but would like to get out and walk once in awhile. I probably will once it cools down. It’s just to hot and humid to do it this time of year unless you do it really early or late.

    Good luck meeting your goals this week!

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