More years ago than I care to admit, I worked at a children’s home for boys who couldn’t stay with their parents and had trouble finding foster homes. Most of them were “troubled,” but there were still good kids. I do believe that there is hope for troubled boys. And I’ve seen that a safe environment that helps them learn to control their behavior, that encourages them and helps them develop their strengths can make a difference.

I know there are parents who may think that there is not anything left that they can do for their troubled child. They look at their son and believe that he is destined for a life filled with hardships because he seems too unruly to control. Many of these parents turn to family and friends for help, but they are not successful in helping their son. However, these parents do not have to give up hope.

Juvenile Detention And Boot Camps Often Do Not Work

Some parents believe that by sending their troubled son to a juvenile detention facility or boot camp their son will be able to straighten out his life. In most cases, these facilities do not give these young men the confidence and stability they need to overcome their problems. In fact, many of these boys become resentful and learn more bad behavior than good. This contradicts the entire reason for the child to attend the facility.

Boarding School For Troubled Boys

A positive option for many of these boys is boarding schools that are designed to meet their needs. These schools are designed to remove the boy entirely from the environment that is causing them trouble and give them a fresh start. Christian boarding schools for troubled boys are often located in rural areas because it gives these boys a chance to learn to love themselves without the interruptions and distractions that can be found in a city.

The Need To Find Oneself

Many of these troubled boys simply do not have the ability to discover who they are, what they are good at, and what they enjoy. Different home and school environments create a lifestyle for these troubled boys that places them more in a survival mode than in a learning and loving environment. This environment can be changed, and when it is, so is the behavior of the troubled youth.

Just because a young boy is having trouble in their situation in life does not mean that they are doomed to a miserable existence. Changes can be made that will allow them to overcome their hardships and grow into educated, loving adults.


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